First Responder to EMR Bridging Program Renewal

Re-certify your Emergency Medical Responder Program. This re-certification course is the Canadian Red Cross Program, it is recognized and is Nationally accredited. The EMR is the first of four levels of pre-hospital care and is recognized by the Paramedics Association of Canada and the Canadian Medical Association. The last three are Primary Care Paramedic, Advanced Care Paramedic and Critical Care Paramedic. The program will consist of a combination of lectures, practical skills development, peer work and scenario practice; building  on the skills and knowledge you already achieved through your Occupational level 3 or First responder training.



Who is the EMR Bridging For?

This course is for those who have successfully completed either an OFA Level 3 certification

or a First Responder program and are ready to continue your education.

Who will Teach the EMR?

Our EMR Instructors are experts in their field having decades of experience responding to 911 calls.

You will gain insightful knowledge from their experience.


Program Format:

  • 20 hours of pre-read!
  • 44 hours of classroom time
  • 4-6-hour practical exam, within 1 week of completing the your EMR

Completion Requirements:

  • 100% attendance
  • 80% or better on written exam
  • 80% or better on practical exams (there will be 2)

Pre-requisites to take the Emergency Medical Responder Bridging Course

  • Current First Responder certificate (with CPR-HCP or BLS)
  • Current OFA 3 with a valid CPR-HCP or BLS certificate.



The Emergency Medical Responder bridging program cost is 750.00 which includes the

Emergency care text book.


To practice professionally as an EMR in the emergency services system (911, ambulance) you

will need to become certified, then successfully pass you licensing exam conducted by the

Emergency Medical Assistant’s Licensing Board (EMALB)

For more information regrading obtaining your license visit the emergency medical assistant’s

licensing board’s website:



The Licensing exams are separate from your Emergency Medical Responder Course. Any and all costs associated with obtaining your EMALB license are separate from course fees paid to Reaction First Aid & Safety Ltd. for your EMR course.

What Will I Learn:

  • The Professional Responder
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Prevention of Disease Transmission
  • Managing the Emergency Scene
  • Pharmacology (including Entonox administration)
  • Patient Assessment
  • Airway & Ventilation
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Circulation Emergencies
  • Shock & Bleeding
  • Head & Spinal injuries
  • Chest Abdominal and Pelvic Injuries
  • Fractures & Sprains
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Sudden Medical Emergencies
  • Environmental Emergencies
  • Poisons
  • Special Populations
  • Childbirth
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Reaching/moving patients
  • Multiple Casualties Incidents


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