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At Reaction First Aid & Safety,criminal records checks are a must

Our instructors are required to have their criminal record checks completed. Period. We are the one and only first-aid training agency that makes this a mandatory requirement. We interact with a variety of groups and ages. This is why having instructors with clear criminal record checks is so vitally important for the safety and security of all our clients.


Personally-selected instructors

Our renowned trainer Phil Scoates  personally interviews and vets each instructor. Phil chooses our instructors, not only based on experience and credentials, but on character, values and ability to instruct and relate to students. Our instructors are either currently in the field or have recently retired. Phil seeks instructors with a minimum of five years’ experience, because that means they have been in the position where they have to think outside the box. Let’s be honest: The textbook alone just doesn’t cover it. Our students often pose the question, “What if…?” Our instructors help them work out the correct response – while showing that the answer was there all the time. It just had to be pointed out. Our instructors’ approach demonstrates the solid experience factor that comes into play at Reaction First Aid & Safety.


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No collapsible dummies or toy dolls

Students often wonder, “Are we doing this right?” With most first-aid training equipment, it’s difficult for students to know if they are performing the correct technique. This is especially the case when it comes to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Many agencies still use antiquated equipment. They figure, why not? Antiquated still works and gets the job done.

I have taught for many different agencies that still use the training mannequins I used the very first time I took a first-aid course. I was a paramedic for 20 years and well into first aid for years prior to becoming a paramedic. So, to say the equipment is old – well, that’s understating the issue, to put it mildly. At Reaction First Aid & Safety Ltd., we take a different approach. We want our students to have immediate feedback. We use the very best mannequins possible so that students can attain the highest level of confidence and expertise required. You won’t find any toy dolls representing infants in our classes.

We teach in 3D

What does teaching in 3D mean? I’ll tell you: it means painting a picture through actions. Teaching in 3D means broadening a student’s experience during training via vivid, simulated experience and letting them make mistakes. We encourage students to use their judgment – because what they may think is a mistake often isn’t. Ours is a different but positive approach to helping students achieve the desired outcome. Such mentoring allows students to realize that certain steps have to occur, but others may not work. They learn that not everything will fit in the same box.

Our students benefit from a 3D style with minimal lectures and maximum practice. The 3D style breaks into two parts. First, our students get hands-on practice. They get the literal walk-through for each step with the instructor, and group practice where they are encouraged to help each other as they continue to develop their skills. Then, we begin the scenarios where students put into action what they have learned. After each scenario, we discuss what they’ve learned to see what could be done better – and why each student chose a particular action to perform.


  • We are mobile
  • We can go anywhere
  • We will teach anytime
  • We offer unique class sizes
  • Come-back-anytime guarantee


We know that, as time passes, you may lose confidence and want to brush up your skills. No problem. Other first-aid training agencies will only allow you to retake their course a single time if you’ve been unsuccessful. By contrast, Reaction First Aid & Safety Ltd. takes our guarantee to the next level. Regardless of whether you passed/failed, you can retake our course or join us for a complimentary tune up. We are the only first-aid training agency that allows students to keep their skills sharp by joining us for tune up sessions. We welcome you to call and discuss what you would like to work on in our tune-up session.


Re-certification rewards

Any returning Reaction First Aid & Safety alumni receive a special alumni discount. In fact, any student who has been taught in the past by Phil Scoates is eligible for our alumni discount.



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Teaching you to react to life’s moment of chaos

Whether you’ve never done first aid training before, or you’re a seasoned veteran, we have a course for you. Providing top quality first aid training and instruction through any one of our many certification programs. We will meet the demands placed upon the student and get you through the uncertainty of what comes next in an emergency.

Our instructors  have been in the field and want to pass on their knowledge and experience to you.

Some of the certification types available are  First Aid, CPR, Emergency Child Care , Standard Child Care, (HCP) Health Care Provider, Marine Basic First Aid, Emergency First Aid, Workplace Emergency First Aid Certification and Re-certification at our training location or private classes at a location of your choice.

Contact us today to arrange a private class or register for your certification.

Reaction First Aid & Safety will come to your location to provide first aid and safety training. Contact us today to book your custom onsite training session.


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