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Giving you the confidence you need to save lives!

Our Vision

  • Providing the confidence required to react without hesitation.
  • Train and certify to all individuals, no matter their skill or background.
  • Provide a solid and thorough understanding of all course materials.

About Reaction First Aid & Safety Ltd.

Reaction First Aid & ​Safety is founded on real world knowledge and experience.​ We provide first aid training & workplace safety certification.

When the owner of Reaction First Aid had his career as a paramedic cut short as the result of a motorcycle accident, he was amazed to hear the stories from his colleagues of how bystanders were there to help him in his time of need.

While he was unfortunately unable to continue as a paramedic, he still had an immense desire to help others.  This desire is what lead him to teach first aid to everyone, not just the paramedics that would come to his ambulance to be precepted.

Thes stores of how people came to his aid touched him, so he began to share his knowledge and experience to all those who wanted to learn life saving techniques.

All of our instructors have been or are in the field and want to pass on their knowledge and experience to you. 

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Our Instructors

Trainees benefit from a 3D style of teaching that has  minimal lectures and maximum practice. Students get hands on practice and a literal walk through for each step required both with the instructor and with the group where they are encouraged to help each other as skills are developed. Scenarios where students put into action what they have learned are discussed, followed with ideas on different techniques – and why each student chose a particular action to perform.

Our students often pose the question, “What if…?” Our instructors help them work out the correct response – while showing that the answer was there all the time. Our instructors approach demonstrates the solid experience factor that comes into play at Reaction First Aid & Safety.


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