Standard First Aid Training

What do you do first?

  • Check the scene:
    • Is it safe?
    • Are there any hazards?
  • What Happened


  • How did it happen


  • Check the person
    • Is the person responsive? No? Call 911 Use your cell phone or have a bystander call.


  • Check the ABC’S:
    • Airway
    • Breathing
    • Circulation


  • Find out how to check the ABC’s by becoming Certified in Standard First Aid.

*****Meets all provincial and legislative requirements

A Red Cross Program

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Reaction First Aid & Safety Ltd. prides itself in being the leading training facility providing First Aid & CPR training and Certification. Register today and become certified or re – certified in CPR / AED, Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, SFA HCP (Health Care Provider), Emergency Child Care First Aid, Standard Child Care First Aid, Workplace Emergency, Marine Basic First Aid and Standard Workplace Emergency First Aid.