Reaction First Aid & Safety

The story behind Reaction First Aid & Safety.

By Reaction First Aid & Safety Ltd.

Reaction First Aid & Safety

Phil, the founder of Reaction First Aid & Safety had his career as a paramedic cut short as the result of a serious motor vehicle accident.  It was during this moment that he came to appreciate the life saving skills of those around him, as he was truly amazed by the bystanders willingness to do anything they could to save his life.  

“While he was unable to continue as a paramedic, he still had an immense desire to help others.”

While his career as a paramedic was over, he found a new calling, and devoted his life to teaching others the same life saving skills that were so essential in helping him during his time of need.  This desire is what would lead him to create Reaction First aid & Safety, so that he could now share his life saving experiences and teach them to everyone.

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